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Sophie- The Khodam

$ 80.00 USD

The Khodam are extremely coveted entities because they are second on the tier of astral entities. 

Angels, Khodam, Devatas, Djinn

They are the closest thing that you will ever come to an angel.

Each Khodam holds its own special attributes.

They are charismatic, powerful entities with strong personalities and revealing identities.

They are divine protectors, phenomenal instructors, and a companion that you can count on for life.

Sophie specializes in relationships, stability in relationships, negating arguments, promoting love & affection and fidelity.

She can also aid her companion in things like friendship, commitment, promoting constructive relationships, reducing stress, promoting self, healing, protection from emotional distress, balance, self acknowledgment, self-advancement, self-esteem, courage, confidence, acquiring knowledge, weight loss, achieving goals, financial success, business, stability, psychic advancement and so much more!

They get along great with other entities and have a way of bringing entire spirit families together to work on problems as a whole. An outstanding companion for anyone!

1 Available


Jai, The Male Pegasus

$ 79.00 USD

They are extremely magickal creatures and are more of what are called personal entities.

They can aid their keepers in the following ways:

Strength, courage, removal of obstacles, self recognition, motivation, moving forward, career advancement, aquiring  knowlege, scholarly advancement, balance, negating depression, self healing, advancement in the friendship & romance departments, aid in decision making, promoting positive energy exchange, bringing out inner beauty and personality, negating shyness, attracting like minded people, and so much more.

The Pegasus are often gifted to people starting a new journey in life. College, a new relationship, newly single, new jobs, new location, etc.

They help make adjustment easier and aid their keepers in making the right decisions.

They help you, help yourself.

Although they are very powerful beings, their manifestations are very light. Mostly contained within the vessel. The warming and cooling of the vessel itself, color changes within the stone, light vibrations of the vessel, etc.

They get along great with all types of entities and have a fondness of children.They also get along great with pets, especially equine.


Breann the Unicorn

$ 80.00 USD

Meet Breann

She is a 429yo Female Unicorn

(The average life span of a Unicorn is 1200 years.)

Unicorns are very loyal and dedicated creatures. They are highly

sought after for their healing and magickal abilities.

Most are excellent communicators and will help communicate on your behalf with spirits and entities.

Out of all the astral creatures, Unicorns are known for their amazing ability to heal.

From simple things like headaches, acne, colds and flu to potentially lethal things like cancer; it is said that these creatures can help cure all.

Female Unicorns are also famous for their healing attributes related to...

Emotional Balance , Depression , Anxiety , Restlessness , Grief , Broken Heartedness

Mental Strength  And much more!

She can also aid her companion in:

Astral Travel , Remote Viewing , Long Distance Castings , Gathering and Projecting Energy

Life Choices , Career, Communication , Overcoming Obstacles , Clairvoyance , Spiritual Connection

The ability to read people , Reading imprints , Divine Protection  and much more!

She is just as powerful as Djinn but much more connected and dedicated.

Her manifestations include flashes of light, orbs, shimmers in the air, electrical disturbances and lucid dreams.  Bring a Unicorn into your life and watch the magick come alive!

Her vessel is a Beautiful Pink Stone set in Silver


Marianne the Freshwater Mermaid

$ 79.00 USD

Mermaids make Great companions with their many abilities. I do suggest that you have some water available, after all  She is a freshwater Mermaid.

It could be something simple like a large bowl of water or a sink full even or something more elaborate like a fountain.

Don't be surprised if she visits while you are in the tub or shower.  I have often been relaxing in the tub only to open my eyes to see ripples forming where there shouldn't be any.

She can aid her companion in many things.

Self Healing, Protection from bad relationships, Attracting positive energy exchange, Moving obstacles, Removing outside influences, Aid in detecting lies & deceit, Renewing life force, Aid in decision making & creating goal

Self advancement, Career advancement, Psychic advancement, Transformation and so much more!!

She is an all around social butterfly and would love a companion that is either well versed or is learning telepathy and thought form communication. Her vessel is a Beautiful Pearl and silver pendant.

1 Available



Garn the Gargoyle

$ 79.00 USD

Like their stone carved counterparts, Gargoyles stand guard over & protect their human companions at all costs.
They are extremely intelligent, highly dedicated & diligent entities.
They are capable of forming lifetime bonds like no other entity.
When you bring a gargoyle into your family, it is for LIFE.
Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT chaotic entities.
In addition to protection, guardianship & knowledge, they can aid their companion in many personal aspects:
Decision making
Acquiring knowledge
Telling deceit from truth
Reading various energies, imprints and magicks
Bringing out confidence
Reducing stress & anxiety
Promoting tranquility
Providing reassurance
and much more!!
He packs quite a punch!!!
Protection MAX!!


Spellcast Amulet of Creativity

$ 99.00 USD

The Spellcast Amulet of Creativity
This amulet has been cast with several layers of spells to aid the bearer in:
Bringing out dormant creativity
Promoting energy
Destroying negative energy flow
Breaking down blockages
Releasing natural skills and attributes
Accomplishing goals
Creating ambition
Overcoming obstacles
These are a wonderful set of spells that really work well and compliment each other.
The pendant is Snowflake Obsidian

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