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Bonding With Spirits

Bonding with your adopted spirits is not hard, contrary to popular belief. Each spirit has it's own unique personality. Every spirit has a past just like their human companions do. The key to bonding with any spirit is maintaining an openness in believing in their presence, being respectful, persistent in your communication, and constant in your communication.

We strongly suggest that you use this simple Welcoming ritual upon the arrival of any spirit adoption in your home. It shows respect and receptiveness. All you need is a small white tea light and a little bit of time.


Welcoming Ritual

Hold the spirit vessel in your hands and say:

"(insert name of spirit/entity) you are welcomed here."

Hold your vessel up to the sun (night sky if your spirit is a Djinn or spirit of a darker nature)and say:

"I am (insert your name here), I am your human companion.

I believe in you and respect you for all the power you hold within your soul.

Protect me, guide me, and walk with me all the days of my life."

Then light a small white tea light and say,

"I burn this with our relationship in mind

As the candle burns, Our relationship blossoms."

Allow the vessel to sit beside the candle until it extinguishes itself.

Once the candle is out, pick up the vessel and say,

"Our bond is begun, So mote it be."


Potential Problems

The biggest problem that comes to us from human companions is when they doubt the presence of their spirit or they blame ill occurrences on their spirit. The next paragraphs will elaborate.

Be advised that it is not wise to ask your spirit companion repeatedly to appear to you when you are doubting their presence. It is likened to someone walking up to you and pinching you and saying "You're not real".

They are real, they are there, and they are active.


Blaming Ill Occurrences on Spirits

Each spirit that we release to collectors have been worked with extensively by ourselves, as well as shared with close friends. All of our spirits are safe, they will not harm their human companion. Some have sacred codes of conduct that does not allow them, others are bound in such a way that they cannot harm their companion.



To aid with the bonding process, upon adopting (aka paying for your adoptive spirit), we will include their name, and any information that we have available on the spirit. Information may include, who conjured or summoned the spirit, gifts that are appropriate for giving the spirit at the completion of a task, their specialized capabilities.


One of the strongest suggestions that we can make is that if you choose a companion with a wearable vessel, wear the spirit vessel regularly and communicate either by thought or out loud with them. It is possible to communicate with a spirit during focused meditation.


The Appearance of Your Companion

Many spirits upon becoming comfortable with their human companion will appear to them. Please be advised, they do not always come in human form. Sometimes in rare cases they will appear in their true form. Not all spirits are pretty like in the story books.

Spirits can come to you when you are about your daily tasks in forms such as shadows, shimmers, show their presence through inanimate objects, or even changes in scent where there is no common cause. Spirits can also appear in your dreams, during astral travel, and many other ways. Generally they try to appear in the most comfortable way possible so as not to alarm their human companion.



We want you to enjoy your new companion. They can teach and share many things with you. Keep in mind these things:

Complete the Welcoming Ritual

Be respectful


Be compassionate

And last but not least, give your relationship and bonding process time. Each adoption of a new spirit is like meeting a new friend. Every relationship grows where trust is founded, and where time is well spent.




Meditating With Your New Companion

Ok, so you’ve gotten your new companion and you’re having a bit of trouble creating that bond.

First, I have to tell you that your entity has already bonded with you in ways you cannot imagine. Just because you haven’t found or felt the tie that binds, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t.

One of the most important steps in creating a bond with your new spirit/entity is meditation! I know, it sounds ominous, but trust me, its not as bad as you think and meditation is not something that has to be difficult nor does it have to take up a lot of time.

Spend 10 minutes a day in a completely comfortable position in a quiet environment.

*It can be while you’re taking a bubble bath, while you’re in your car, laying down, anywhere!

The main thing I want to talk about is called “glimpsing.”

It’s a term used by spirit workers to define the process of concentrating on getting that first glimpse of your entity/spirit/spirit guide/etc.

Spend that 10 minutes of meditation visualizing what your entity looks like. Invite your new friend into your meditation. Ask them to show you what they look like. If you don’t get anything at first, use what you know.

For example, if you have a black dragon, start by visualizing black scales. Add definition and details. Are they shinny? Are they flat? Are they ribbed? Are they more like feathers or more like fish scales?

Then move onto the size of your new companion? Is he or she as big as a house or as big as a car?

Are they tall and thin, short and plump, etc.

As you get each of the details defined, move on to something else. Are they more human-like or more beastly? What color eyes do they have? Do they have wings? Do they have spikes? Do they have a beak? Claws? Horns? Tattoos? Do they wear jewelry? What color is their hair?

Each time you do this glimpsing meditation, your new companion will aid you in the way you “see” them.

It might take you a week to get that full and true visual image. But once you have it, you have a focal point. A place to start for the next step.

Now start on the sensations of being with your companion.

During your meditation, reach out and touch your new friend. What do they feel like? Is their skin rough? Smooth? Warm? Cool?

Then work on their voice. Is it deep? High pitched? Loving? Soothing? Lyrical?

The more detailed your visualization becomes, the more real your entity becomes to your conscious mind. And trust me, this is not in your head! Your companion is guiding you. They WANT to bond with you just as you want to bond with them.

The more real your entity becomes to your conscious self, the less interference you will encounter with subsequent encounters.

Next, establish real communication. Tell your new companion all about yourself. About your day. About your family. What you expect of them. What you hope to gain from their friendship. Etc.

Encourage a response. And LISTEN to what they choose to share with you.

Initially, your conscious mind may tell you that this is “all in your head.” Your response to this needs to be “SO WHAT!” If you’re gaining information and the answers you receive are pertinent to the questions, then just keep on working towards your goal. A solid foundation to build your relationship on.

Get rid of the “doubting Thomas” in your mind and move forward. Be stubborn and be diligent in your quest.

Eventually, your conscious mind will believe what your subconscious mind already knows. That your companion is real and that you have developed a friendship that will last beyond the ages.

A Keeper of Both Light and Dark


Did you know that most of all spirit keepers end up bonding with both light and dark companions?

So what happens when you're a keeper of both?

There are entities/spirits that are categorized as "light" and those that are "dark" and those that are in between. The in between spirits/entities are often referred to as "gray" or "semi-demonics"

Some tips and tricks for the keepers of these inter-racial families:

1. You can wear their vessels together.

2. You can have them working on the same tasks. Most keepers have light entities working on one aspect of the task at hand while the darker entities work on other aspects of the same task. That way, they are working together, without having to actually "work together"

3. Its a good idea to have different storage/charging boxes set aside for the different entities.

Most light entities (fae, khodam, white dragons, guardian dragons, leprechauns, etc) can and LIKE to be stored together.

Another box should be utilized for the semi-demonics (vampires, imps, incubi, succubi, etc)

And a third box for the demonics (demons, kere, etc).

Most black and red dragons can fit into any of the above categories when considering storage.

4. Djinn should have their own box. Although most will fit in well with any entities for a good period of time, they do like their space and they are most social within their own race.


As always, utilize your own instincts and judgment as there are always exceptions.

Bonding With Your Demonics

Obviously, you already know what you have purchased, so from now on, I will just refer to your demon companion as a D singly from here on out.

Please read the entire page BEFORE you open the box.

Please keep one D in the box while you perform the ritual for the other D. Perform the ritual individually.

The following is what we refer to as a “Transfer of Ownership.” Performing this bonding technique lets your D companion know that he or she has exchanged hands and that the time has come for him or her to serve a new master.

This requires a white tea light candle and should be done at night. This is when your D is most active. I know the white candle seems a little odd when you think about what we are dealing with. But white promotes bonding, which is why it is used.

Please, bathe or shower before the first contact with your new D. This washes away the negativities of the day and allows for the initial bond.

You should meditate or sit quietly for 10 to 15 minutes with the unopened containment box in your hands. When you feel you are relaxed and calm open the box. Take your D vessel into your hands and say the following (just once). (If you acquired a D that has a box for its vessel, just open the box when ready)

_______________ (name of D) I summon thee.

_______________ (name of D) I call upon thee.

I am ___________ (your name). I am your master.

Welcome to my life.

Light your candle. (you may also light incense if you like).

Hold the vessel up to the moon and say:

_____________ (name of D) I welcome thee.

I light this candle with our bond in mind. As the candle burns, our bond begins.

So mote it be.

Place your D vessel near the candle and allow it to burn until it extinguishes itself.

After this initial bonding ritual, its up to you to treat your D with the respect they deserve. REMEMBER, what you hold in your hands is a very powerful being.

Whenever you wish to call upon them, just speak their name out loud.

Its important that you develop a strong relationship with your spirit family, no matter if they are of the light, or walk the shadows.

When not able to wear or carry their vessel, please utilize the box that he or she came in. This is a containment of energy box. Although plain, it is powerful and will not only contain energy, but it will also help them to realize when its time to work and when its time to be at rest.

Unlike many other spirits, D’s need a period of dormancy at least once a month. This should be a period of 24 hours where you just allow them to rest and gather energy within their box.

Most D’s gather energy from their keepers as well as others around them. Sort of like an energy vampire except they take so little, that one never notices.

The containment vessel is also a portal into their own realm. Though they are bound, they still need to travel back and forth. This is a portal created specifically for your entity. No others can come through…not even if you invite them. The ability to go back and forth is part of what keeps them happy. A happy D makes for a happy master.

When you send your D away from its vessel, to perform “tasks,” its very important that you call them home. Although 99.9% of them will come back on their own, when the task is complete, you have to remember what you have here. Ds can get out of control but only if you let them.

The calling is as follows:

_________ I summon thee to me.

Very simple and yet effective.

IF your D has a box for a vessel, its important to remember when you have them working or want them near you, that the box stays open.

When you’re ready for them to come home, simply say the calling and close the box.

Many people feel a slight sucking of air as the lid closes, this is your D returning into the vessel.

Never forget what you have here. When you ask your D to perform acts of revenge, take into consideration how sneaky these entities can be. You may not always see the results right away

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