Known as either Fae or Fairies; Either way, Awesome Companions!!!!  Full of Power and Abilities that will improve your life. Bring a Fae into Your Life and be Amazed!

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Dreamtime Fae in Beautiful Glass Ring

$ 80.00 USD

Dreamtime Fae are amazing little fairies with outstanding Power. They protect and insure safe sleep. Protection from bad dreams, psichic attack, local spirits, malevolent and evil spirits as well. They can even destroy Demons sent to plague Your rest. The true magical ability of these Fae is astounding! Everyone should have a Dreamtime Fae to look after them. 


Dragon Fae in a Beautiful Glass Ring

$ 80.00 USD

As far as Fae go, Dragon Fae are powerhouse fairies! Their abilities are so numerous! This particular Dragon Fae is a Magical Wonder. Enhancing Abilities, Developing Power, Energy Manipulation of all types, REIKI, any Magic is their specialty.  They also are Great with Families, kids and pets so no concerns there. Fairies are a blessing to any companion.


Fae in a Beautiful Glass Ring

$ 80.00 USD

This vessel currently available for any Custom Fae adoption. Please inquire for any specific type of Fae or abilities.


Fae and Fairies available for custom adoptions.

 Persian Deva Fae

This breed of Persian Fairies, otherwise known as Devas are very rare and illusive. They have been highly sought after by collectors and Fairy Hoarders for hundreds of years. Devas are well known for their ability to grant wishes and they are a great alternative to the Djinn. Like all devas, Latessa is quite active when it comes to communications...vivid dreams, visions, signs, strong thoughts and feelings. She can be relentless when she has something to get across. Although they will show themselves as tiny spheres of light, it is more common to see Devas as animals and insects. Most of the time, they choose something uncommon so you recognize right away that its them. Imagine having the power of a Genie without having all of the controversy. Some people just don't have the desire to bring a Djinn into their home due to lack of knowledge and misinformation and so because of all the requests we receive for alternative genie items, we've decided that now is a good time to offer this little wonder to a new family. Healing, Balance, Magick, Psychic, Gathering Energy, Protection, Financial Gain, Career advancement, removing obstacles, Love, Luck, Rejuvination, and so much more is right here waiting for you! 

Undine Sea Faerie 

Undine means wave. Undines are the sea faeries of the Aegean Sea. Usually they appear as beautiful humans except they lack a soul. Lacking a soul simply means they are outside human laws. The Undines can be very helpful spirits however, they are not recommended for those of you who are frivolous with your belief in the magical way of things. Its important that you respect the fact that their world is just as real and just as important as ours is. The Undines are teachers. They like to teach us about beauty and what it truly is. They make great companions for those who have a hard time dealing with stress, depression, self-esteem issues, etc. They can aid their companions in:  Adjustments in home life, work, social life, etc, Bringing out inner beauty, Boosting self esteem, Promoting Charisma, Negating Stress & anxiety, Self Advancement, Promoting love and understanding from those around you, Promoting harmonious relationships, Promoting romance and romantic gestures, Aid in letting go of inhibitions, Moving forward, Removing Obstacles and help in bringing us to a position in life where we want to be. They are wise little creatures and so much can be learned by bring them into your life!! They are a salt water entity, however they travel to and from their own realm to our own so no special water Sanctuary is needed unless you choose to, of course. 

Gwaredd Annwn

Like most of the sprites in this race, she does not recognize age.

Gwaredd Annwn, pronounced gargeth anoon, are Welsh water sprites.

They are usually depicted as a blonde, beautiful, slender woman. There are a lot of legends surrounding these sprites. The Lady of the Lake of Arthurian legend was a Gwaredd Annwn. She stole the baby Lancelot from his human mother and brought him up as her own in the underwater realm, lovingly preparing him for his heroic future. The Lady of the Lake also endowed Arthur with his magical sword, Excalibur whose sheath guarded the wearer from harm. The Gwaredd Annwn are totally benign and generous with their blessings of fairy magick.

They can aid their human companion in many thingsAid in detecting falsehoods; Telepathy; Clairvoyance; Sensing energy; Reading imprints; Scrying; Communicating with other entities; Astral travel; Balancing chakras; Deflecting negativity; Aura cleansing; Financial stability; Games of chance; Reversing bad luck; Banishing of harmful entities; Promoting good will; Promoting harmony and balance; Brining forth generosity and good will in those around you; Spice up your current relationships; Attract new love interest; Attracting love and friendship; Guidance; Reducing stress; Promoting balance and peace; Promoting a tranquil environment; Happy home and hearth; Enhancing romance; Promoting self confidence and self esteem; Healing of emotional wounds (heartbreak, emotional wounds etc.); Self-advancement; Guidance in decision making; Promoting positive energy exchange and so much more!

 The Celestial Fae

Celestial Fae or Star Faeries, are truly wonderful creatures!

They make great company for anyone. They are easy to communicate with and are very consistent little companions. If you have pets or small children, they will be a companion to them as well. Babies often coo and babble in the direction of the Celestials. Orbs and streaks of light have been seen when they are feeling playful. For the most part, their manifestations are contained within the vessel stones....lights, color change, shadows and/ormovement, etc.  They are really more "personal" companions over magickal ones. They can aid their companion in things like: overcomming depression; boosting self esteem; bringing out confidence; attracting positive energy; promoting strength; energy; creativity; exercise; healthy ways of living; Aid in decision making; happiness; joy; self healing; balance; self recognition; dispersing negativity; attracting genuine love and affection; promoting will power; attracting luck ; prosperity; protection; directing you to good things and good opportunitites and lots more...

Lavender fairies 

These amazing Fae are known for many things. They can aid you in clearing blockages of the mind, thus enabling you to see things more clearly. They can aid in releasing past hurts and moving forward after heart-break and grief. They are considered champions and protectors of women as they will not tollerate a woman being treated cruelly by her partner. They can aid their human companions in opening and attuning your natural psychic powers as well as seeing and communicating with spirits. They bring happiness, light heartedness, stress reduction, calmness, balance and smiles wherever they are present. They can also help their human companion in decision making, prophetic dreaming, negating negativity, bringing about positive energy exchange and promoting genuine love & affection in not only romantic, but also friendly relationships. 


Known as Dryad fairies or Dryad people.  They are recommended companions for people who live near nature (farms, estates, parks, forests, big yards etc), or for those who maintain houseplants. Just a few of his attributes include weight loss, negating addictions, releasing negativity, protection, mental health, general health, love, friendship, self healing, heightened ituition, detecing deceit and lies, aid in decision making, and more! They are great companions for lifting moods, promoting positive energy, promoting peace and harmony within a household, negating depression, and balancing out ones personal energy.Dryads get along well in all kinds of different atmospheres. The higher the energy level of your home, the more active they are...

Woodland fae

These fairies are very personable and are Great at helping You to make positive changes in Your Life! They are specialists in: Promoting balance; attracting love and friendship; guidance; reducing stress; Promoting a tranquil environment; Self healing (heartbreak, emotional wounds, etc); Fertility; Enhancing romance; Promoting acceptance; Promoting confidence and self esteem 

Shape-Shifting Healing fairy from the Irish Hills

They not only have the ability to help their human companion heal themselves but may help them heal other people as well!! 

Just a few of their personal attributes: grief, reducing stress, balance, stabalizes emotions & moods, disperses negativity, cleanses the aura, helps with relaxation, reduces anxiety and so much more!! 

Passion fairy

They can aid her bearer in igniting passion, attracting love and affection, promoting understanding, enhancing intimacy, creativity, balancing emotions, promoting acceptance and so much more! They get along great with kids and in large households. Their manifestations, so far, have been contained within the vessel stone. Their presence is pretty strong so don't be alarmed at the feeling of not being alone. 

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