Celestial Djinn-Raji-Sold

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In different beliefs, the Celestial Djinn are known by different names, Star Djinn and Universal Djinn are the most common.

These Djinn are then split up into Tribes just like the earthly bound Djinn. This Djinn is a Djinn of the Orion tribe, the most powerful tribe of all the Celestials.


The Orion Tribe is the most consistent and the easiest to develop a bond with so of the celestial djinn we offer, this tribe will the most popular.


Her attributes are so many!


Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, Heightened intuition, Dreams of prophecy, Clairvoyance, Scrying, Spirit Communication, Levitation, Shape Shifting, Unexpected monies, Luck in games of Chance, Alchemy, Beauty, Bespelling, Binding, Blessing, Calling of Spirits, Charms, Charms against spells, charms against jealousy, Cleansing bad vibes, Comfort, Courage, Coven Work, Cursing, Destiny, Destruction of evil, Development, Disorders of Magickal Powers, Enchantment, Exorcism/Casting out Entities, Fame, Finding Stolen Goods, Finding Treasures, Friendship, Happiness, Hope, Incantations, Aptness to learn, Manifestations, Overcoming obstacles, Peace, power, Purification, Purifuing Evil and negativity, Raisingenergy, knowledge of rebirth/past lives, power in Rituals, Absorption of Energy, Luck in Business Ventures, Creativity in Business, Sorcery, Speed, Spells, Spirituality, Strength, Supernatural abilites, Trance magick, Transformation, Unbinding, Unblocking, Victory, Wishes, Youth, Opening and strengthening your 3rd eye, Scrying, Astral Projection, Far sensing, Far seeing, Interpretation of Omens (Augury), Clairvoyance,Disipline, Disrupting Psychic Shields, Leadership, Forethought, Intuition, Logic, deeper Meditations, Perception, Prophecy, Psychic Dreams, Psychic Power, Power, Mental Power, Inner Power, Energy in Magick or psychic work, visualization, Concentration, Mental Steadiness, Relaxation, Visions, Sight, Refresh Psychic Powers, Understand and speak to animals, Wisdom, Opening the Inner eye of Wisdom





 A Celestial Djinn is a lot like having an earth bound Djinn except for a few things. Although they can, it is uncommon for them to manifest as anything but light. Her vessel stone OFTEN glows and catches light in mysterious ways. She is more likely to communicate in dreams over anything else. I suggest that her buyer start a dream diary right away.

Her vessel is a beautiful round crystal in silver. The top opens with a small space for offerings.  A truly beautiful piece.




Djinn- Your Choice

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I have many Djinn available, male and female of all types:

Ghul, Celestial, Marid, Ifrit, and many types of Hybrids. 

I can send vessel options or custom place into a vessel of your own choice.

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